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I created this map with all the locations of known species of peacock jumping spider. I’m planning on using it to help organise a holiday (which could evolve into an expedition) to see as many of the known species as possible and to perhaps find a new species. Maybe, someone with the same obscure interest will find this map interesting/helpful.

All images are from Jurgen Otto’s flickr and all the locations have been dredged from the references below. When you click on a waypoint, the number next to the species name refers to the picture number in the description.

There are currently 48 described species of Peacock jumping spider and a further 16 are currently undescribed. This map features 37 species (plus a few other Salticids).

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Species Mapped:
Maratus anomalus
Maratus albus
Maratus amabilis
Maratus australis
Maratus avibus
Maratus bubo
Maratus clupeatus
Maratus elephans
Maratus harrisi
Maratus jactatus
Maratus julianneae
Maratus linnaei
Maratus literatus
Maratus lobatus
Maratus montanus
Maratus mungaich
Maratus nigromaculatus
Maratus pardus
Maratus pavonis
Maratus plumosus
Maratus purcellae
Maratus robinsoni
Maratus sceletus
Maratus speciosus
Maratus spicatus
Maratus splendens
Maratus tessellatus
Maratus velutinus
Maratus vespa
Maratus vespertilio
Maratus volans
Maratus vultus
Maratus digitatus
Maratus chrysomelas
Maratus watagansi
Maratus leo
Maratus fimbriatusSpecies Missing:Maratus eliasi
Maratus hortorum
Maratus karrie
Maratus madelineae
Maratus ottoi
Maratus personatus
Maratus proszynskii
Maratus speculifer


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