I am a researcher with a particular interest in conducting ecological research that can contribute to a ‘One Health’ approach of tackling zoonotic diseases.

I have just finished a PhD with Robbie McDonald in the Wildlife Science Research Group at Exeter University. I investigated the social and spatial ecology of free-ranging domestic dogs in rural Africa with the aim of informing the management of dog-mediated diseases e.g. rabies and Guinea worm.

Alongside my PhD I worked on the global campaign to eradicate Guinea worm, investigating the ecology of free-ranging domestic dogs in relation to Guinea worm infection. I conducted work in Chad and Ethiopia, producing reports for The Carter Center and World Health Organisation.

Prior to this, I joined Martin Steven’s Sensory Ecology Group as a research assistant. We worked on a project investigating the camouflage and survival of ground nesting birds (plovers & nightjars) in Zambia and South Africa.

I have extensive field experience in Africa and have conducted field seasons in Zambia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Chad. I have experience using various analytical tools including linear mixed models, generalized additive models, network analyses, agent based modelling, continuous time movement models, GIS and image analysis.

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Publication List


The Social and Spatial Ecology of Free-ranging Dogs
2015 – 2020