I am a biologist with a variety of interests including herpetology, behavioural ecology, sensory ecology, social networks and epidemiology. I have extensive field experience, with most of my field work carried out in Africa.

I am currently undertaking a PhD with Robbie McDonald, investigating the contacts between free-ranging domestic dogs and disease transmission. In addition, I am also helping on the Guinea Worm Eradication Program, where I hope to improve our understanding of dog ecology in relation to the maintenance of Guinea Worm in the environment.

Prior to this, I joined Martin Steven’s sensory ecology group as a research assistant. We worked on a project investigating the camouflage and survival of ground nesting birds (plovers & nightjars) in Zambia and South Africa.

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Publication List


The Social Transmission of Disease in Dogs
2015 – 2019
Guinea Worm Eradication Program
2016 – 2019
Camouflage in Ground Nesting Birds
2012 – 2014