Tough Viking


Back in 2015 I had the spontaneous idea to do Tough Viking (an assault course not too dissimilar to Tough Mudder). The event was held in Finland and I managed to convince a couple of fellow adventurers to go on a road trip.

We started in Falmouth and headed through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden where we stopped off to see an old friend. We then got a ferry to Finland where we met another friend and completed the brutal assault course. By great fortune it turns out that most fins have a sauna, which we warmly welcomed after the savagery of the assault course. Next we headed back home, getting a ferry to Estonia and powered through Latvia,Lithuania and Poland before hitting Germany again.

We camped up almost every night and the trip took a total of two weeks to complete. The assault course was great fun, although the electrified ropes you have to run through at the end were not appreciated! Check out the video below to see some of the great camp sites we came across and the antics we got up to:

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