Computer Herping

As a zoology graduate I made friends with lots of keen birders. I remember coming home one day to find three of them crammed round a laptop trying to ID a bird. I shortly realised they were playing an ID quiz called ComputerBirding. The quiz was great, providing a fun, competitive method to learn how to ID different birds. However, although I can appreciate the feathery creatures, my passion is in reptiles. I looked everywhere for a similar quiz, but found nothing that could compare. I thought this was slightly odd considering the ability to ID a venomous snake is quite important.

In 2012 I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a herp version of the quiz. The big problem was I didn’t have any photographs. I eventually found the website which provides multiple images for all the European herptofauna. I decided to use these images to make a ‘quiz’ in html for all the European species. My coding skills are not great, but I eventually came up with something that worked.

I mean for these quizzes to be for educational purposes and would love to create something similar for a continent like Australia where the ability to ID a snake is essential!

(EDIT -20/09/15 – quizzes updated with new difficulties)

Reptiles of Europe



Amphibians of Europe

Cartoon_Fire Salamander_2



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